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Kommentaar van kliënte wat reeds Prepaid24 se platform gebuik het om hul prepaid elektrisiteit aanlyn te koop vir Ekurhuleni, Eskom, Johannesburg, Kaapstad, Tswane en elders.

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Best Online Service Online Live Chat, Prepaid24 Support Consultant was sharp and very helpful. He was very fast & professional. Emile Fourie van op 13th December 2017 via HelloPeter
Great service for a fairly new endeavour at Prepaid24 Online Electricity! I have recently joined Prepaid24 Electricity online, which I use quite frequently to buy electricity for a number of businesses. There have been some glitches and hiccups with the website, however I'm writing this review to congratulate Prepaid24 on their excellent customer service, fast feedback and their technical team's ability to quickly sort out any problems. Especially efficient and helpful consultants on the Live Chat support system. Problems stick their necks out anywhere, but I appreciate people that can sort the problems out even faster. Prepaid24, thank you for your website and the employees that makes our lives easier. Salome Kruger van op 13th December 2017 via HelloPeter
Excellent and prompt feedback from the Prepaid24 Online Live Support Consultant. I have the highest praise for the wonderful way in which he handled my questions. He is well mannered, patient and I had only the best service from this Company in the past. Kobus Hattingh van op 13th December 2017 via HelloPeter
Prepaid24 Online Electricity sorted out my token problem efficiently and was very polite. Steve Heywod van op 13th December 2017 via HelloPeter
I would like to thank the Prepaid24 Consultants for their super fast response on the Online Live Support Platform and making prepaid electricity purchase hassle free. Jacqueline Human van op 4th December 2017 via HelloPeter
Thanks for your Excellent assistance with my first time use of Prepaid24. Your product knowledge made an impression on me. Thanks for helping me to trust your systems. Henk Cloete van op 4th December 2017 via HelloPeter
Compliments to The Prepaid24 Support Online Consultant for being prompt and efficient. Will recommend them any day. Wouter Havenga van op 4th December 2017 via HelloPeter
I made an EFT payment from my bank to Prepaid24 Electricity using the wrong reference number. I was notified per SMS and I contacted the Prepaid24 Support Consultant on their website on Live Chat. She was extremely helpful and fixed my problem in no time. I would like to comment her. Minie Minie Botha van op 29th November 2017 via HelloPeter
Good day I just want to thank your Prepaid24 Support Consultant for his service today. He really helped me a lot. Thanks Prepaid24 Electricity. Wilma Wessels van op 27th November 2017 via HelloPeter
Great service from a Prepaid24 Support Consultant A huge thumbs up to a Prepaid24 Support Consultant. After attempting to recharge an airtime voucher through Prepaid24 online services; the data wasn’t credited to my account, I contacted both the Cellular Provider and Prepaid24. The Cellular Provider continuously refused to acknowledge the fault but the Prepaid24 Support Consultant refused to give up. Due to the lack of accountability I cancelled my Cellular contract, however the Prepaid24 Consultant persisted and over a month later, finally the Airtime provider credited my account. A huge thumbs up to Prepaid24 Consultant. Junaid van op 21st November 2017 via HelloPeter
Thank you!! A Prepaid24 Consultant assisted me even though my request was not his to handle. He was very helpful and didn’t just say no. Prepaid24 should be proud to have him. Monique Swart van op 20th November 2017
Thank you for quick and efficient 5-star service Diana-Marie Agenbag van op 15th November 2017 via HelloPeter
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